Surviving The Fall

Falling, falling, falling…we have been falling for eons now.

Who can survive the fall when we hit the ground?

The fall began in the Garden God planted in the East

And we are falling faster now and the falling has not decreased.

How are we to survive the fall?

Is there help upon which we can call?

There are a few who will be spared;

God made a plan while we’re still in the air.

Gravity is not that which pulls us to the ground;

Gravity is the condition in which we are found.

Grave conditions that lead to death;

Grave conditions by our sin beset.

Unruly, ungodly and lovers of ourselves,

Believing in false gods and into darkness we delve.

Increasing the rate at which we fall through life;

Eventually all will know the wrong and the right.

Dishonest politics that push us all deeper into the fall;

Knowledge absent of character is what it is called.

Pleasure without conscience has an ultimate consequence,

Desiring wealth without work, but calling it “entitlement.”

Morality is lost in business and in our personal choices;

We want religion without sacrifice, giving false doctrine voices.

In all the sciences there is no regard for humanity,

Just a pushing of the agenda of insanity.

If asked how the human race is evolving,

Some are just through the fall surviving.

Others don’t even know we are falling;

They haven’t read the Word or responded to the Savior’s calling.

There is much evidence of our falling,

The deeds of men becoming increasingly appalling–

None so grievous or as militant

As the agenda to destroy the innocent.

Doubters find it difficult to believe

That forbidden knowledge came from a tree,

Yet those same doubters readily receive

That some benevolent aliens fathered you and me.

God made a way when man first fell and entered into slavery…

Slavery to sin and to the fall and the only escape is Calvary.

When the fall has come to its finality and our days come to an end,

You will not survive the impact that the end of time will send.

Ignoring the truth, men work to repair the veil that Jesus tore in two–

A blasphemous endeavor by principalities and powers fueled.

To build a temple to replace the one God placed within each of us

Is to diminish the sacrifice of Jesus who rebuilt the Temple from the cross.

“It is finished” was His cry from the battle place of Calvary’s abomination;

To make any other sacrifice is an abomination causing desolation.

And so the falling has deluded the minds of men and this is their fixation;

Those surviving the fall are those who know Jesus is the only means of Salvation.

Falling, falling, falling, but one day–we know not when–the falling will come to its end;

To survive the fall you must be counted with those called to ascend.

We are fallen men in a fallen world, falling to the grave,

But Jesus offers you a way that from the fall you might be saved.

Will you survive the fall?

Will you respond to His call?

The fruit looks just as desirable today as it did in the beginning;

Men still fall desiring forbidden knowledge and it will be their ending.

Surviving the fall will be a remnant;

Ignoring the call, the naked continue to their detriment.

A covering of blood has been provided for all;

Only those who are covered will survive the fall.

by randy conway

Genesis 3: 1-24

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