Can You Hear? Can You See?

Can you hear the winds blowing in the streets,

Can you see the devastation that it leaves?

Can you feel the pressure of a coming storm,

Can you surrender your freedom for an imitation norm?

If you haven’t ears to hear what the Spirit speaks,

If you haven’t eyes to see what in the darkness creeps,

The spiritual revolution in which we are engaged

may find you–at its end–of those who are enslaved.

Living in Laodicea seems an easy existence

As long as you are offering no resistance–

Resistance to the darkness that has for millennia been encroaching.

The day to take a stand has arrived; it no longer is approaching.

The lazy life of Laodicea fools you into thinking you are rich,

When in fact you are wretched, miserable, blind, and existing in a ditch… (Rev 3:16-17)

Existing rather than living, naked and unmeasurably poor,

Yet there is One who has not ceased knocking at your door.

He is offering life but waiting for your invitation.

In Laodicea it is hard to recognize your situation;

Normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance make it hard to see

That your condition is not as you have imagined, and you are in need.

Laodiceans don’t realize that the nation we once knew could soon no longer be,

Whether by violent revolution or some ominous political decree.

It doesn’t have to be this way for already a plan has been provided.

My future is not up to fate, and parliaments are not where the future is decided.

(See 2ndCh 7:14, Jer 29:11 & the Constitution)

Many are rising up for such a time as this;

The call of the Spirit they have not missed.

Not by might or power will they stand,

But by His Spirit emboldened by His hand.

What revolution are you speaking of you may ask;

Can you not see it even in the mask?

Free speech already has suffered a mortal wound;

Free thought is on life support and no longer blooms.

To travel unimpeded are words taken from a by gone age,

And for the seizing of our freedoms there is a growing outrage.

We are no longer living on time that is borrowed;

We have borrowed all we can from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Babylon is being exposed before our very eyes,

And the rulers of Babylon desire to see our Republic die.

The children of God must today apply salve for their sight

So they can see the Babylonian Kingdom which is here to fight.

The plans have been made and a line is drawn in the sand.

But be not afraid, your armor will hold; you just need to stand.

Fear not, stand firm and see the Salvation of the Lord;

Put on the whole armor of God and tightly grip your sword. (Eph 6:10-18)

You say this is all just spiritual talk and doesn’t really apply;

Realize this battle is not about bullets…yet…; it’s about those who will comply.

There is now a righteous hush that has fallen across the land; (Isa 41:1)

A remnant is in fervent prayer and the fire of heaven is fanned. (Ja 5:16, 1Ki 18:37-38)

The bold, the believers, the faithful will cry “Let God arise

And His enemies be scattered” as we look unto the skies. (Ps 68:1)

God is faithful and unchanging, and He will rescue the perishing (Mal 3:6, Heb 13:8)

If they are washed in the blood and are of those inheriting…

Inheriting a place in the family of God for they have been adopted.

Don’t fall for Satan’s lying rhetoric which the Shadow rulers have concocted.

Being bought with a price is a contractual term, not a mere expression, (1Co 7:22-23)

And those not purchased by His Blood, by contract are the devil’s possession.

We live today in the most memorable and riveting time in history;

Don’t be taken unaware or think this all a mystery. (2Tim 3:13)

This is the greatest civil war in the history of any nation,

And those who have drank the blood will not yield to abdication.

Satan has made his Machiavellian attempt to usurp dominion,

But dominion belongs only to God, not to satan or his minions.

This false “dominion” and its dark roots are at this moment being exposed;

And God remains forever in control and the mask-arade will be deposed.

How many have already faced false accusation and arrest regardless of their innocence?

But God is not mocked, and men will reap what they sow; there will be recompence.

It is time to comprehend what it means to be “We the People;” (Our purpose stated in the Constitution)

It is time once again to govern ourselves and refuse to be the sheeple.

This is a battle for our nation, for our families and for our lives;

The guillotines are purchased; they are not coming but have arrived.

Called quarantine, internment, or re-education is moot; the camps are real.

You must choose today if you will stand or if you will kneel.

The oligarchy of media has attempted to hide ALL truth from ALL men;

They are indeed Mephistophelean, and I think they have reptilian skin.

The vile elite media ownership have all made their Faustian deals,

And they slither about in other dimensional black goo like little satanic eels.

Social media is engaged in a full-frontal assault;

Every one a member of their private evil cult.

They drop “fact check” bombs on truth and ban freedom of speech

And are continually, egregiously engaged in unprincipled overreach.

More than misinformation we are bombarded with outright lies.

The elite who own these platforms are guilty of heinous crimes.

It is evident all around, and as the song writer said, the levy now is dry,

And every day another patriot is beginning to question why.

What will then happen when finally, the music dies?

Out of hopelessness will men resort to whiskey and rye,

Mournfully singing this will be the day that I die.

Be not dismayed; there is a New Song coming down from on high. (Ps 40:3, Rev 5:9)

We the people hold onto truth that is given by God and unalienable are our rights.

We are created by Him and rights are endowed by Him and to take them demands a fight.

We have grown weary of cover-ups, being spied upon and micro-managed;

We have suffered robbery by government, many losses, and much damage.

If you have not recognized it yet, this is WWIII.

Many deny it because mortars and bombs they do not see.

On another front central banksters are sniping us at every turn,

But of their evil practices we are aware–we have learned.

Voter fraud at unprecedented degrees,

A goal to force on everyone vaccines,

Child sex-trafficking and abuses unhinged;

This is in the mainstream, not out on the fringe.

Haman has made his move, whispering lies in order to sway the king.

He has announced that the people cannot pray and they cannot sing.

The gallows have been built and from them Hamon himself will swing;

Already in place are Mortdecai and Esther, and God Himself salvation brings.

There was a time when I asked:

Can anyone tell me where America has gone?

I can’t seem to find her. Has she gone away?

Can anyone tell me where America has gone?

All that was familiar seems now so far away.

I remember learning of integrity and courage;

I remember men of honor held in high esteem;

I remember when hard work and ethics flourished;

I remember when the unsightly was kept unseen.

Can anyone tell me where America has gone?

I can’t seem to find her. She is now a long forgotten song.

I thought our government was established for the people;

Now it seems the government is elite and we are but the sheeple.

We used to spy on our enemies those we saw as a threat;

Now we spy on our citizens and we discard our vets.

Can anyone tell me where America has gone?

Are there any left who for righteousness still long?

The New World Order is now the America of today;

The patriots are becoming weary, worn and frayed.

The Black Robe Regiments are but stories of yesterday

And the pulpits are devoid of truth and men no longer pray

To the one true God of all creation;

We prefer to pander to our own sensations.

And America is no longer one nation under God;

America is the habitation of lies and the home of fraud.

Can anyone tell me where America has gone?

Thank God for the watchmen who have warned for so long.

I pray these servants have the support and prayers of the remnant,

Because the demise of our way of life is now dangerously imminent. (Proverbs 29:2)

But Wait…!!

I faintly see her now; she is marching in the street!

The lovers of God and country will not see defeat!

We are fighting for our Republic with our fortunes, honor and our lives!

All are fighting–men and women, sons and daughters, husbands and wives!

We will not shrink back or give up without a fight; (Heb 10:39, Rev 12:11)

This spiritual, physical, and cyber revolution, we will see it through the night!

And our banner flies over us–you will see it in the dawn’s early light; (Ps 60:4)

God has given a banner to those that fear him and seeing it, evil will take flight!

We will have nothing more to do with the unfruitful works of darkness, (Eph 5:11)

But with God’s help we will expose them with an eternity-shattering starkness!

We the people are a people because God has made us a people, (1Pe 2:9-10)

And there are soldiers joining the battle, coming out from under the steeples!

We the people, in order to insure the tranquility of future generations

Will hold to God’s Word and our Constitution without reservation!

We are in Laodicea no more; we proclaim we are Slaves No More!

We are exposing the evil; we are leaving Babylon and she can keep her whore! (Rev 18:4,19:2)

We will not witness the execution of our Republic nor the death of freedom;

For too many years we have been silent, and we have been beaten!

But God has seen our predicament and God has seen our tears; (Deut 26:7)

God has heard our prayers and cries and attentive is His ear.

Can you hear the winds blowing in the streets?

It is the Spirit of God coming now to meet.

Can you see the lightning flashing in the east?

It is a sign that the former captives will be released! (Isa 61:11)

Death may ride on the wind but there is salvation in the storm;

Though the barriers have been breached, God is preparing a swarm!

And it will not be by might nor by power, but by His Spirit says the Lord. (Zec 4:6)

While the globalist communist factions may continue the battle, God has already won the war!

(1Sa 17:47, 2Ch 20:15)

Much suffering lies ahead in the months and years to come.

The Bible tells us of the torments and how frightened men will run.

Prepare your hearts and prepare your house for when this days’ battle is oe’r;

It began in Eden and until the final day the iniquity force will continue this war.

Many say this is not a Christian nation, but I say it is not a Christian government.

A nation is its people and if the people are Christian, so is the nation regardless of any documents.

They only way to save our nation is to preach the gospel and pray for a revival.

The Blood of Jesus is our only hope and the only path to our survival.

Isaiah 59:1

by randy conway

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