Randy Conway is an American Poet. He has written hundreds of poems and his verses have been featured on national and international radio talk shows. Conway is best know for his series of poems that cover powerful observations on subjects such as End Time prophecies, religion, government corruption, patriotism, life’s struggles, worship and life and death. Randy’s long-awaited, powerful collection of End Time poems and the new Meet Me At The Cross series are now available at Skywatch TV, on this site under the "shop" tab or at Amazon.com.

​Randy became a poet after a successful career in business. As his poems gained world-wide exposure on Steve Quayle’s website and on the Hagmann Report, Conway entered a new phase of his artistry. With four published books and one two hour DVD of video poetry and a fifth book schedule for late 2019.

Conway was born into a ministry family. His father is a pastor/evangelist and missionary who has actively ministered for over 69 years. He has three sisters and one brother who are ministering and serving in their respective churches. Since his father was a pastor and traveling evangelist, it meant that Randy and his family moved every few years during his childhood. As a boy, it was very difficult for him to establish lasting friendships. Many times in Randy’s life he was the “new kid” in school which posed challenges to his feeling of belonging. While practicing gymnastics, Randy was severely injured and the doctor informed the family that he would never walk again. After his family and deacons anointed him with oil and prayed over his injured body, Randy was healed from the injury and a strong belief in God’s healing power was born in him.Since his favorite sport of football was forbidden, Randy involved himself in drama where he excelled and his new passion led to his meeting the love of his life, Robin. They have been married 42 years and have 3 married children and eleven grandchildren.

Today, Conway enjoys composing his inspired poems and is accepting invitations to speak and perform on radio broadcasts, in churches and conferences across the country.